Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Round Robin Stories - Speech Marks & Synonyms for "Said"

We've been learning about using speech marks in our writing for the last few days and today we brainstormed some synonyms for the word 'said' to help us when we use speech marks.

Today we practiced our speech marks with some round robin stories. Each child used a sentence starter then passed their story onto the next person.

The sentence starters were:
Snow White instructed "...
Grumpy replied "...
Happy whispered "...
Grumpy responded "...
Snow White interrupted "...
Doc suggested "...

Here are Mr Walker's favourites:
Snow White instructed "... go to the store to get bread"
Grumpy replied "... thank you for the bread"
Happy whispered "... she's ugly"
Grumpy responded "... I bounce off the walls all the time"
Snow White interrupted "... oh, just forget about it"
Doc suggested "...put Snow White in a coffin and leave it in the woods."

Snow White instructed "...loudly"
Grumpy replied "...I like to slap people with a chair"
Happy whispered "...I can't run"
Grumpy responded "...Sleepy, wake up!"
Snow White interrupted "...Grumpy, why are you so grumpy Grumpy?"
Doc suggested "...Why don't we just forget all of this and carry on".

Snow White instructed "...Go kill the queen"
Grumpy replied "...um... uh... ah... I can't kill a witch to I'm queen!"
Happy whispered "...Hello my dear, do you want a nice hot coffee or a nice hot milo?"
Grumpy responded "...I'm awesome"
Snow White interrupted "...can you put these over there"
Doc suggested "...Why don't you all shut up"

Snow White instructed "...I'm too scared to cross the bridge with my pretty white shoes"
Grumpy replied "...what a terrible day for a picnic"
Happy whispered "...Grumpy, go away"
Grumpy responded "...I heard that"
Snow White interrupted "...heard what?"
Doc suggested "...I will come".

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  1. Hi Room 1, I met your teacher at a worskshop the other day and thought I'd check out your blog. I LOVE literacy so I was intrigued to read your synonym work. I thought your writing was very clever and it's great to see your vocabulary growing. I'm going to put a challenge out to you...

    What does the word 'responded' mean? One of your examples shows grumpy responding...3 don't. Which one is it? Can anyone 'respond' to my post?!