Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Winter Sports Day


Suddenly at 8o 'clock I ran into school  but first I ran into room1 to put down the chairs . Then ran into room 4 to try on my dress it took me 5 dresses to find the right one. Then at 8:45 Mr Rudd came on the court and rang the bell everyone had to go to class. After a while when we started  walking then I stepped in mud it was yuck . When everyone got to Te Pai I was ready for  today our first game was against Holy Cross I played GK(Goal Keeper) and I didn't  even get the ball but at the end we don't our cheer and we won 32-0. After a long time of playing we got lunch then I was so happy  how far my team has made it. Then when we came to the finals I said to myself "Hey I know that girl" she was from my club team and her name was Cherish  at the finals we were versing Western Heights. At the end we won 12-3, I was so proud of our teamwork today and how we played. I think our team showed great sportmanship  and cooperation

By Zoe

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