Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Free Swimming Lessons

Room 1 has just finished our free swimming lessons from the Water Hole Swim Centre. Rooms 2 - 7 as well as 17 and 18 all went for two weeks of swimming lessons, with 30 minutes every day.

We got our swimming lessons to help us be safer in the water, because too many children are drowning in New Zealand. All swimmers learnt how to improve their freestyle and backstroke swimming. Bridget, the instructor, taught her group how to use the flutter board to help with kicking. Another thing we practiced was switching from freestyle to backstroke to help with our breathing.

Most of the class enjoyed doing freestyle and it made us feel lucky to have a swimming pool at school. It was really awesome that they were free, some of our class never have had lessons outside of school and they were really enjoyable, especially as the summer has been really hot. Khayl also liked that it meant we weren't in class!

We hope that we get these again next year so that we can get better at swimming before we go to camp.

By Jordan, Sara, Mehaka and Khayl

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