Friday, 1 March 2013

Our trip to Tiri Tiri

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  1. Congratulations Room 1 on your exciting new blog. Tour trip to Tiritiri island looked very interesting. Obviously there is a lot of birdlife on the island. Why is Tiri Island such a special place?

  2. Its a special place because theres heaps of native and Introduced birds there. Kauri Room 1

  3. WOW! That trip to Tri Tri must have been so much fun!

    What was the most interesting there?
    Did you learn anything new?
    What was the most exciting part?
    Tell me more about it!

    From Chloe, MACC :D

  4. Sorry, in the previou comment I made I misspelled 'Tiri Tiri'.
    So sorry!