Thursday, 28 March 2013

Ninja vs Jedi writing

One day the Ninjas and the Jedis battle to their deaths. Swish the light saver hits the ninja, he fell down like a plane crash. More ninjas come to to attack the ninjas “ah ah ah ah!!!! Get them !!!!!! The ninjas said “come back jedis” their is to much ninjas And then a space ship came to bomb the ninjas yes there is only 100 more to kill. One ninja shot the space ship down it blows up like a bomb bom!!!!!! “no!!!!!! shouted the jedi in the space ship swish swish the ninjas fight the jedi with their light saver yea!!!!!! declared all the ninjas. Jedi get back here said the ninjas we want to kill all of you. the ninjas ran to get the jedis they throw their ninja stars at them some fell down like a tree getting cut down. Yes the ninjas won the battle.  by Nathan

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