Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Using Skitch & Pic Collage (Lesson 1)



  1. Looks very cool Room 1. Looks like you had fun playing around with different pictures. Did you find it easy to use Skitch and Pic Collage? What other things are you going to try with it?


  2. Too much fun! Skitch and Pic Collage are two of my most favorite Apps and I must agree... The Breakers do Rule!!
    Keep up the awesomeness and creativity
    Mr D
    PS: Come and see what we are up to if you want at

  3. To Pascal:

    Yup, we had so much fun. Sara, Brinal, Tajae, and me did the love bear , the bunny , and the rose. It was awesome.

    We are still going to make funny pictures on Pic College. It is very funny and we almost laughed are selves to death.

    Things we have learnt from this is:
    Expressing our imagination on electronics { that was my idea}
    Working as a team etc

    Please read this