Friday, 12 April 2013

21st Century Art

The children have been working on a piece of art using pastels, they section their paper into different shapes and then fill the shapes with images that represent the 21st century to them.

This is the first of the artworks to be completed.

By Carys
By Ammy

by Brinal
By Aisea
By Sara 

By Mr Walker - nothing like doing the work
to show your class.
By Caleb
By Jin


  1. Wow, amazing art work Ammy, this is great how you have new technology aligned with what is important to you, like icecream and friends, I look forward to seing more art work.


  2. Thank you for looking at my art. I had lots of fun doing this. Ammy

  3. They all look great. Can't wait to see more.

    Jordan's mum

  4. Hello from New Jersey, USA! I saw your Twitter post and thought I'd check out your blog. The artwork posted here is beautiful. Well done! I love the bright colors and from the looks of the pictures, I assume you are a very connected group of students.

  5. Hello from Tasmania, Australia. My name is Pauline, I am Sara's Aunty. What fantastic work the kids have done, they are all so creative. Thanks for sending me the Link Sara. I have enjoyed reading your class Blog.

    1. HI Pauline, it is Denise here (Sara's Mum, your sister :) ) thank you for posting your comment in Sara's class blog, I am really happy that Sara is in this classroom, she loves it very much, her teacher Mr Walker is really nice, always chatty and friendly :) ! This school blog is such a cool idea !