Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Life Education Caravan

The reflection I've did this term is when room 1 went to the life education caravan. We went there to learn about being friendly and other helpful things to do with being friendly. First thing we did was line up outside the caravan. Then we had to take our shoes off, and enter the caravan. We had to sit in four lines, then a lady introduced herself to room 1. Her name was Muriel she was going to teach us all about being friendly. The things she taught us was a 'Y' chart of:
Feel- How would you feel if someone was being friendly to you?
Sound- What will it sound like if someone was being friendly to you?
Look- What will it look like if someone was being friendly to you?
Suddenly she turned off the lights and put on the glowing stars on. The stars were really cool, then she put a movie on about bullying.
We then talked about the movie. She told us a saying called "You don't have to be friends to be friendly!"
Room 1 had a really EXTRAODINARY time in the life education caravan.

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