Wednesday, 31 July 2013

my adventure learning

 I would like to ask questions like does anyone know more details about the lochness monster or bigfoot  or huge buildings that have collapsed just like that. I would like to get really deep into mysteries like those because they sound really interesting and they might not be solved properly. There might be people that have gone overseas and have been told not to tell anyone about somthing important? But I don't know because I've only started resarching and I hope I figure out one of the msyteries so that my dad and my family can be really really proud of me. So here's some questions I want to solve up on the top of mysteries.  


  1. Thats sounds cool could you tell us some of your questions.


  2. Well, bigfoot (or the sasquatch) isn't real.

  3. that's good Te Pahu it was a good story that sounds cool

    by zoe