Wednesday, 11 September 2013

America's Cup

I was watching Oracle take on New Zealand in yacht racing New Zealand has 5 points and America has 1 point in the big race. America is choosing to pull out of the race because they are afraid that they are going to lose the rest of the races. New Zealand is going to get the trophy made of real silver and America is going to race New Zealand again tomorrow. I bet New Zealand is going to win! I enjoy watching New Zealand beat Oracle and the boats look interesting and I am wonder who is going to win.

By Francis


  1. What enthusiasm you have shown in your writing. I hope you are going to share more about the America's Cup on the blog. Can you tell me more about the types of boats they are using?

  2. I am not a fan of boats and sailing but this really turned me on!
    Do you know how fast the NZ boat goes at a average?

  3. They used catamarans mr Walker.from Francis

  4. It goes about 45,20 knots from Francis