Sunday, 29 September 2013

Border Control - Biosecurity Activity

Our class held a customs check, we all had to take our bags. Mr Walker and Mr Cartwright (Room 3) had put contraband into our bags and our customs officers searched our bags to see what they could find.


  1. Hello Everybody,
    That activity was AWESOME!!! I had a lot of fun wiht it. When Peter was recording me, I secretly stole an apple and left with my 'suitcase'. But, Mr CAartwright caught up with my act, and confiscated it from me. It was HILARIOUS!

    Henderson North School :)

  2. Hi Room 1,
    My name is Daniel,and i'm from MACC.This border control activity sounds really fun and exciting,Like being in a real security check.Have any of you been in a real bags check at an airport?

    From Dan at MACC

  3. michael st.georges U.K8 November 2013 at 00:54

    I like the halk picture it looks awsome.

  4. Boarder control was really awesome. My favourite character was Francis he was really funny, Room1 rocks. Rachael silva