Friday, 31 May 2013



The ad said to add more water into the juices which are in packages.
Mrs Makintosh asked Nikki that if she reads aloud to the children, she is allowed to write a story.
They went in the warm,cosy, inn.
The boat sail was for sale. It costs $10.20!
We went to see the sea rushing past the shore.

The pink scented rose was in a line of rows.
My hair was caught in the hare's paw, and I could hear the hare screaming!
Which witch is which?
The sun's ray was falling slightly on my son's back, and I don't like it!
The knight rode his horse on the rough road.

By Renitta and Peter

Some other homophones include these words


  1. this is a great way to let others know what homohones to use in writing or in spelling.

    From Tajae

  2. Thanks Tajae, but when I was reading, I realised that I accidently highlighted Knight instead of highlighting rode.
    Well, mistakes happen a lot!


  3. Dear Renitta,

    Your work is very nice!
    It is very creative.
    Great Job.

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      Thanks for commenting on our blog. It took me a lot of time to think up the sentences. Mr Walker gave me the idea of putting in some of the homophones in Word Cloud. So in that way, we improve our knowledge in using computers and in our homophones. Thank you for commenting in our blog again. If you have any more questions or comments, we would love to answer them.


  4. Hi Peter,

    You did a great job in working here.
    It is very creative and colorful and I love the sentences.

  5. Hi Peter and Renitta

    You did a great job,
    My favourite sentence " Which witch is which?", it has a lot of homophones I really like it, it was very creative.

    From Brinal

  6. Hi my name is Angel and I come from Viscount school and I think that the homophones that you wrote is really interesting. I think that this can help me for my writing.Thank you:)

  7. Hello Angel,
    What a wonderful comment!! Thanks for the encouragement and appreciation. I really enjoyed it.

    Henderson North School :D