Friday, 24 May 2013

My imovie

The things I’ve learnt so far about my movie is to organise first and find a really good book to do your movie about. Second is to be creative when your creating your scene,try not to use the same colour paper,make it colourful. I did it and it looked AWESOME!!!. When you are making a movie you can use paint, paper, and even play-dough and make speech bubbles or you can say the voice for the characters but that would be harder. If you’re doing speech bubbles check you spelling if you’re not sure to spell a word look in the dictionary or ask a teacher and a friend. Try hard to fascinate people with your work. Don’t make it to random because nobody will get it. Decide a good background and also choose a colour for your characters. You can even make it up, you can make it long, short, funny, silly, and even daunting. At first decide what you’re story is about and that’s all I’ve learnt with my movie. 

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