Wednesday, 1 May 2013

School holidays are almost over...

I went into school earlier today and rearranged the classroom, I'm really looking forward to room 1 being back in the class. I wonder what you've all been up to for your holidays. If you want to share your holidays, post a comment here. What movies have you seen? Where have you been? What books have you read? What computer games have you been playing? What are you hoping we will do in class this term?


  1. I have been to Europe with my younger sister to spend her school holidays. we have booked special international holiday packages and it was so well organised. my sister also enjoyed this Europe tour. We'll definitely go on trips during school holidays.

  2. I am a citizen of Sydney and my little son is very interested in informative tours like wildlife etc so, last weekend, I had visited zoo with my little son. It was a great day for my little son. He had learned about many animals. It was a informative tour for my son so I, suggest to all readers to plan their School holidays activities according to your kid's taste and choice.