Friday, 23 August 2013

My Adventure Learning Mummies in Egypt

Today just after singing, when all room 1 kids just got back in the classroom Mr Walker said to us to sit on the mat because he had to show us something. Mr Walker was showing us who has their topic for Adventure Learning. Then he showed us on this other blog he said that we have to start our Adventure Learning planning over because it didn't have any "I wonder" in the questions so he put some questions on the board and then we had to answer them.                                                                                                                                  After morning tea.It was Google doodle but it was  changed to Adventure Learning plan and i had to finish my Mummies in Egypt so i did finish off my work it was not that hard.


  1. I have been impressed with your hard work on this project. You found today easy because you had done so much already, I can't wait for you to share your learning with our class. Do you think that the mummification process is something you would like to help with?

  2. This sounds like a very interesting project- we're looking forward to reading about what you learn about Egyptian Mummies.
    St. George's Class

  3. good for you for setting your mind one thing and woking hard on it,it is so fascinating what you,ve showed us on this blog so good for you


  4. Hello,
    my name is Julien. I have never learnt about Ancient History but I think it would fun to learn about. What was your favourite part?
    I like the three pyramids and the Sphinx.
    From Julien