Wednesday, 14 August 2013

My Adventure learning.

Our school is doing Adventure learning and what I'm doing is stoats for my adventure. We  also need to create a poster about a biosecurity risk, like a pest like stoats or weasels. The weasels were brought here to eradicate the stoats and the stoats were brought here to eradicate the rabbits. The rabbits were carried here for extra food because they thought that the food will run out, but the bad thing about rabbits is that they breed quickly which means that the vegetation will go all rotten and we people need to eat some veggies.

By Aisha 


  1. i like your adventure learning and my adventure learning is about soccer with mohammad. Mohammad came up with a cool ideas.

  2. Good work Aisha. You chose your adventure learning topic very quickly, you must be really passionate about looking after the environment. I can't wait to see what you finish up with for the Stoats project. Keep up the good work?