Monday, 26 August 2013

10,000 Hits = cake.

On Monday our room got some cake that was made by our teacher Mr Walker. The icing looked like it was jaffa tasting, the cake tasted SOOO yummy that I wanted another bit. The icing was really rich, the cake was covered in orange icing & the writing was made out of black licorice. The licorice said 10,000 hits! & the blog symbol was put in more icing. The icing was very, very, very orange. The cake was covered of M&M's & the cake had all of the colours like brown, red, green & blue.

If I'm making your mouth WATER well then I'm sorry. This is a post on a cake that our teacher made & as well as the cake we got it was also SPCA Cupcake day, & some people made their cup cakes.    

This is what the cake looks like. I told you it was mouth watering. You can see the M&M's sctered all over the cake And the icing & the black licorice that awas used to do the writing     

By Aisha


  1. Yum! Mr Walker didn't save me a piece though, gutted! Glad you liked it. Have you set a new target for getting hits on the blog? What sort of cake do you think there should be if you get 20,000 hits? From Mrs Walker

    1. Hi Mrs Walker, we have set a new target we need to try and get to 20,000 hits.
      What sort of cake you ask well what cake haven't had in a while. Chocolate sponge cake with boysenberry cream in the middle.

      From Aisha

  2. i agree 20,000 hitsif you want a cake that will make kidz mouth water you should make red velvet cake mmmmmmm, my mouth is watering the icing should be choclate or berry icing and more than 1 sort of lollie and RED LICORICE please mr and mrs Walker


  3. samaria for got to seperate th hits and if please excuse my writing

  4. yum yum can you bake that and give to me for 100

  5. That looks yum! I was away on Monday :( I missed out of it because I bumped my eye on a hand weight. Wish I was there to have such a delicious cake.


  6. That looks yum! I was away on Monday :( I missed out of it because I bumped my eye on a hand weight. Wish I was there to have such a delicious cake.


  7. Oh My gosh! My mouth is really watering. You were absolutely right! I love the way you expressed your feelings on this post. It is a wonderful piece of writing.

    If we had another cake, I would like it to be something like this:
    Chocolate sponge cake with butter cream frosting and eatable rose petals scattered everywhere. And, it would have lots of chocolate chips, and I mean LOTS. I am really addicted to them.

    What kind of cake would you like?

    Henderson North School :)

    1. Thank you Renitta
      The comment the best to say this is that your comment is really awesome and I agree that lot and lots of chocolate chips would be very nice to have.
      Then after we have all that chocolate will, make us go all nutty and we might go no a sugar rampage but that, would be fun to go on a sugar rampage!

  8. Hi, I am Chloe and I go to the school Mount Annan Christian College.

    Wow! Did your teacher really make that cake? It looks delicious!
    Mr Walker must be an excellent cook. I bet he had fun making it!

    From Chloe:D

    P.S Merry Christmas

  9. Hi Room1,
    It looks absolutely DELICIOUS! I hope you get another cake very soon with 100,000 hits instead of 10,000! With all of those treats on it, my class would go CRAZY! So we didn't get cake when we hit 10,000!
    Speaking of which, tomorrow is our last day before we go on a 6 week summer holiday and when we come back, we will be in year 7! We won't be back for quite some time but feel free to go on our blogs at any time you like!