Wednesday, 19 February 2014

NRL Auckland nines

The NRL Auckland nines is all about 16 teams playing rugby league to win a trophy, the warriors won all games apart from the cowboys. I play for Glenora bears and on Monday I was signing in for rugby league I saw the cowboys at my club rooms. I got a poster for free with their signature and they signed my Glenora jacket it was awesome and after that we went home.The cowboys won against the broncos and won the NRL Auckland Nines but I did not watch the tournament.

By: Francis


  1. I was really pleased to read that you enjoyed the meeting the Cowboys, who was your favourite player? How come you like the Cowboys or do you support the Warriors also? My favourite team has always been the Broncoes but I like the Warriors too.

    1. James tamao is my favourite player in the Cowboys. yes supp-ort the warriors too but I am quit proud that they won. by Francis

    2. yes I would because Ilike the Cowboys because they came to my clubrooms and we saw them at the Trust stadium on tuesday it was frilling and I had fun.

  2. Francis
    I didn't watch the tournament either, but I have two students from my classroom who travelled to Auckland to watch the competition. I have spoke to both students and they had a fantastic time, although one left before the final (after the Warriors lost the Semi-Final) and one stayed until the end. My question is this: would you have stayed until the end of the tournament or left when the Warriors were knocked out.
    Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki