Thursday, 6 February 2014

Planning our classroom

Hi everyone, hope you have had a good day off today.

Don't forget that tomorrow we have swimming, so you'll need to remember your togs.

I had a look at the Wonderopolis website again today and am thinking about including it in your reading timetable, can you click on this link and tell me if you like the look of this website. Just click on the word Wonderopolis.

I've been having a busy day and have got your 40 Book books, I can't wait to see you all tomorrow.

I'm hoping that one of you can design a cool 2014 sign tomorrow to post on the blog also.

Mr Walker


  1. Hey Guys,
    This is Renitta. I really like the new blog. I have seen what Mr Walker has done. Gosh, I miss Henderson North so much!!!!!!!!
    I would often hang over by the fence to see my friends. Rachel would come by and give me a hug. Gosh, I really miss her.
    I am doing great over at St Dominics. I did get lost on the first day, since the school is really big!!!!!!

    I will meet everyone soon. And I will be visiting your blog.... after I finish my homework (Which takes up 1 hour or so)

    You guys rock!!

    St Dominics College :D

    1. Hi Renitta

      Great to hear from you and I'm glad that you are enjoying your shift into intermediate. The new class is a little quieter than last year but they're really excited about some of the things that are planned. I'm doing individual blogs for everyone this year so there should be heaps of things to visit and comment on. I hope you're going to be keeping up the good work on your own blog!
      Take care
      Mr W

  2. Great year to start off with Room1 with Mr.Walker,Had fun since day one of 2014,What next?? Hmm....