Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The rockstars of Room 1 for 2014


  1. That's A cool Photo that you took Mr Walker Of Room 1

    By Zoe

  2. Hey Everyone,
    It is so nice to see the students. They look like they are ready to start a new year!
    Hope you guys enjoy 2014. Will be staying in touch.

    St Dominics College :D

    Hint Hint: Mr Walker has some really cool ideas up his sleeve, you'll see!

  3. HI Room 1 !!! Its Callum's Mum here, I just want to say hello to Callum and to everyone in his class and Mr Walker :) I think your class photo is REALLY COOL !!! You all look very happy and love been in Mr Walkers class ! Happy learning ROOM 1 !!!

  4. How many boys and girls are there?
    How many people is there?