Monday, 3 March 2014

Designing a class logo

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What do you think about the class logo that Angelina designed?


  1. We loved your class logo. It made my kids think about making their own class logo. How did you design it? What program did you use? Would love to know!
    Mr. G (M'KIS - Kuala Lumpur)

  2. Hi..
    The class logo looks cool and stuning....
    Q1: Is that all of us in the class logo?
    Q2: What was the app that you used for the class logo?
    Q3: Are you proud of what you have done? Why?

    Hope you like our Questions..
    Trenyce & Evian

  3. Hi trenyce yes we are all in the picture q2 sorry don't know the app but when I do I will tell u and yes we do like the class logo it tell most of our backgroud bye HNS

  4. The 5 Bees are Important you should always keep with the Rule if you dont ....Big Trouble!!