Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Gardening at HNS

Today, our gardener Terry came to visit Room 1 & Room 2 to talk to us about the compost bins we have at HNS.

He talked to us about how composting works and why we should compost. We already have been recycling paper & food scraps in our classes and we now have even more reason to do this.

Here is some of the work that the class did today:

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  1. Wow Callum ! Awesome work done by you for what to do for composting, love how you have worded and collected photos on it, very impressive work. I think you right in saying composting is very important to do as it does help our plants and strengthen them :) When I was at school the other day I saw the compost bins around the school, they are in perfect places, easy access for you and the rest of the school to put stuff that is suitable for composting, perfect to help the schools garden in the junior section. I cant wait to see the bins again when I am in next :)