Thursday, 6 March 2014

Introduction to Quadblogging

An introduction to our class:
Welcome to Room 1 at Henderson North Primary, in Auckland, New Zealand. We have 15 boys and 13 girls that are a mix of year 5 and year 6.We have a programme called BYOD (Bring your own Device), where students bring devices to school to help with their studies. We also have a 40 Book Challenge, students read books and record them in their 40 Book Book. We have decorated our classroom with artwork and displays to help with Writing and Reading and for more subjects. In our school we have different classes for Maths, but not for any other subject.

In our class the students speak lots of different languages including: everybody speaks english, 5 kids speak Maori, 2 speak Tongan, 4 speak Samoan, 3 speak Hindi, 1 speaks Gujarati, 1 speaks South African, 1 speaks Cook Island, 1 speaks Thai, 2 speak Niuean, 1 speaks  Tagalog and 2 kids speak Cantonese. Its cool that our class speak a variety of languages at home.

We have a swimming pool, teachers take students there at least two times a week in summer. Our school is a PB4L school, PB4L is an acronym for Positive Behaviour 4 Learning. Furthermore, we have PB4L tokens, children get these for being Respectful, Responsible, Friendly, a Learner and being Safe.

Our answers to the questions from the Modigliani Class: Question 1: Questions 2: Question 3:


  1. Hi this is Evie from Modigliani class, I will answer your questions. First question: we play mums dads and babies, gig and lots of different sports. Question 2: We only speak English, but one person speaks Chinese.

  2. I play line tig outside but sometimes I will play horses. We do literacy, maths, theme, French, R.E., P.S.H.E, spelling, morning maths and handwriting. We all speak English but one was also taught as Chinese. In P.E we will do tri-golf on a Thursday and either do basketball, football, rugby or hand ball.

    By Chloe.S from Modigliani class in Ellistown Primary school, year 4.

  3. I like to play line tig outside because it was fun.

    What do you like to play?

  4. I like to play softball because am in the team for our school

  5. That's good, I've never heard of softball before! Please can you tell me a bit about it and what you do?

  6. Hi Choloe softball is a game like teaball but the bat is thicker and the fielders wear gloves

  7. Sorry, but I'm not sure what teaball is either. Can you tell me please?

  8. What is softball because I don't really get what you mean.