Thursday, 27 March 2014

Maths Like a Pirate - Boat building

In maths today we went on a boat-building challenge using only Tin Foil. Everyone was really excited and there were lots of different shaped boats being constructed. Some kids were full of ideas while others were a little unsure. We tested some out in the swimming pool and  Nathanael helped by collecting any marbles which fell into the water.

This flipagram shows some of what we did today:

One of the boats was able to hold 30 marbles and still didn't sink! Lots of kids were going home to build their own boats tonight.

We have two questions for you:

1. There were 30 pieces of pirate treasure to share amongst 5 people. What fraction of the treasure will each of these people get?

2. It took 24 minutes to build 8 boats. How many boats could be build in 6 minutes?


  1. That sounds really fun! To answer your question they would get 1/5th each and 2 boats could be built.
    Harry, CHPS, UK

  2. I really like this challenge. I'd love to see some of the thinking that went on to get the answers. Mrs Ferris, Koru 9, Whangarei