Friday, 15 November 2013

Locations of oil spills


  1. Hello Room1,
    I am so sad that there are so many oil spills in the world. It is very bad to mother nature and us. I think that people need to take care of the environment. It will help a lot. Reply to my comment and tell me what you think about that.

    Henderson North :D

  2. Hi Room 1,
    My name is Daniel and I'm from MACC. Recently this term we have been learning about manmade disasters and I chose to learn about oil spills. They can have disastrous effects on animals, especially in the ocean. It's so sad to see the wildlife being effected so heavily by the oil spills.

    From Dan

  3. Hi Room1,
    My name is Grace and I am from Mount Annan Christian Collage, or MACC. It's so sad to see how many oil spills there are all over the world. It leaves disastrous effects and affects every living thing around the oil. So many water birds die of starvation because all of the fish in the water are poisoned with oil so they can't eat them.
    My school is going on holidays soon! Thursday is our last day before we go on a 6 week break for summer. We won't be on our blogs but feel free to look at them!