Friday, 8 November 2013

The Peace Child


The Peace Child is a show that the seniors did for this year, we do one every two years. It's about two tribes, one is called the Wannkeekee tribe and the another tribe is the Sotongi tribe. There were three narrators that tell the story. They both hate each other and they never got along until one day something very weird happened in the Sotongi tribe. A camera crew and a Reporter that loved herself wanted to build a bridge, but the bridge would just make war. Then one day the Wannkeekee Chief's wife had a baby boy and everybody was very happy. But then the chief had a weird dream about dead warriors and wisdom, he had the same dream for two more nights . He said our child must be the peace child, the mother was so sad you could almost hear her heart beat and she sang a solo, it was a very sad moment in the story. As the chief gives the baby to the other tribe that would make peace between the two tribes.



  1. Hello Room1 its Xzavier again
    I found out that two tribes were angry at each other then became friends
    I want to know was the reporter so selfish
    Also why the wannkeekee tribe traded their baby to the Sotongis
    Keep it up Room 1 Great job

  2. Hi room1 its Joshua
    Its interesting that the two tribe hate one another then at the end they may become very good friends.
    What were the tribes wearing?
    Why was the reporter so selfish?
    You helped me learn that two groups can turn out very well.
    yours sincerely Joshua.