Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Oceanography/Water pressure

Our teacher Mr Walker chose me to do an experiment on water pressure so if you want to try this then get the following:

You need:
2 jars one small,one large
Water, as much as you want in each jar and or cup
One straw

A pencil and paper for notes

Now blow gently at the surface of the water now listen
If there's a bubbly noise and it's nice and light your doing it right.

Blow at the bottom of the cup or jar and listen to the noise it should be a
Ruff but light sound

Now which way is it harder to blow top or bottom?

It should be the bottom because the pressure is pushing it down.
For example-If you were at the bottom of they ocean the weight on top of
You would be like a elephant on top of your fingernail and so that's why a submarine or any other under water vehicle has to be tuff .You should now try it,
With the bigger jar comment on this once you have tried it or tell your teacher to try it with your class room!
By Pare

Location:HNS RM 1


  1. Hello Pare,
    Awesome post! Are you haappy that you did your first post on our school blog? I see tha you did water pressure today. I wasn't there at school today. Was it fun? Did you learn something new?

    Henderson North School

  2. Thank you, the simile about the elephant really helped me understand it. I can't wait to try it.

  3. The water pressure shows to be very powerful and destructive. We have done a test like that before but the water pressure wasn't strong at all. What would happen if you put a hole in the straw.
    From Julien

  4. Hello Pare its me Xzavier.
    I found it interesting that Pare was doing an experiment on water pressure.
    Why does Pare want to learn about water pressure.
    Why do you need Small jar And 1 Big
    Keep it up Pare you are doing great and great experimenting on the water.