Thursday, 21 November 2013

Bible play in the hall

Today the whole school had bible in the hall and we listened to a story about Christmas, it was on the topic of the lord's son being born. For me it was awesome, the host also said "Thank you for that nice welcome Henderson West, Henderson South, Henderson East no you're Henderson North School". 

I learned a lot of stuff there was some comedy in it, but I don't think Spongebob was meant to be in the story nor the captain as well but there was, a person dressed in a fluorescent green top, leggings, skirt and jacket she was the star that led the three kings, the tree wise men and the sheared her characters name was twinkly dinkley. 

The host choose the people to play Mary,  Joseph, the innkeeper, even the pillow, the sheep, the three wise men, the angel, the three kings and the door. 

It was a very good play and even some of my old bible teachers where there, it was awesome to see them again, its also good to see that they look great, and I agree that they look fine.  

I wanted to see more than what we saw but it was time for us to say good bye, but at the end of the day it was fun. At the end of the play we said a prayer then one of our teachers let use us to leave, then we went to our own class and our teacher then our class. The went outside and played for 5 minutes then went inside and did some work.

That's the end of my tale good bye
By Aisha 
Hpoe you like it :) 
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  1. Hey everybody,
    it seems like you had a really good time! Did you get chosen by the host to act? What was your favourite part?
    I hope you had fun!

  2. Hi room 1
    Its Cassidy,Mark and Amaru
    It was interesting that they put sponge bob and the captain in the story.
    Who was the host?
    And who were the characters of the story?
    And I learnt that you did not wag that day.(just joking)
    Your sincerely Cassidy,Mark and Amaru.

  3. Hello Aisha its Xzavier from Room3
    I found it interesting that Spongebob was on the Comedy but not the Captain
    I want to Know why was a person wearing fluorescent,Green top,skirt, and a jacket.
    And why was one of the characters name called twinkly dinkly
    Your doing great Aisha keep it up and I also found it fascinating with the comedy stuff.

  4. Hello Aisha, It's Hamish here - I think that you're doing some very good work this term. I especially liked the slide show on the shipwreck that you and Jin put together.
    Keep up the good work and I'm very proud of you..

  5. Hi
    Our class has really enjoyed Quad blogging with you. We will be on holidays so you wont hear from most of us. Have a good holiday!