Friday, 22 November 2013

The Elingamite shipwreck.


  1. Hello Aisha,
    That was an awesome slideshow. It was full of answers and information. It is sort of like the Titanic. Great Job!

    Henderson North School :D

  2. Hey Aisha and Jin !
    This is a great power point slide !
    So much Interesting details =D
    Why did you choose this subject ?
    Visit my blog thanks !!!!

    - Skye

  3. Hey Aisha and Jin,
    That was a mind-blowing slideshow filled with really interesting facts. I enjoyed it very much. Was this a class project or just something for fun.

  4. Hey Room1!
    What an awesome slideshow. I defiantly learnt some things from it. What is your favourite part about this topic? I love learning about the shipwrecks and the adventures the passengers had been on.
    Good job, Gracie.

  5. Hello Aisha and jin im from macc. I like your mover maker or power point about ships. Its a really good because I like ship and boats in the holidays im going on a cruise to Fiji its got to be fun.
    from Brendon

  6. Hello this is Adam from room 3.
    It was really interesting how only 87 people lived and 45 people died. What time did the SS Elingamite sink at?
    I lernt how there was some cool ocean life down a near the three kings.
    yours sincerely Adam