Friday, 8 November 2013

Milk in schools


  1. That is such a awesome poster you did Jin, What did the milk taste like to you? Did it taste like butter? I found it weird. Like I said again, Awesome Poster! :D

    Henderson North School, Room1

  2. Hey, I'm Braydon
    Let me just say, your milk poster is awesome! It's really interesting as well. Did the milk taste different from normal milk?
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  3. Hey my name is milk, I like milk. Milk is yum and great with cereal. Have you ever tried milk with milk and rice, it's milky? Milk is from cows and goats, I love them because they produce milk. Milk at school would be milkalicious. Milk is beautiful.

  4. Hey I love milk, because milk is milk, milk by itself is milk. Milk without milk is milk, I really really love milk. I can say milk as many times I want: milk milk milk milk.