Monday, 18 November 2013

Skype with Tom Campbell

On Friday the 15th we had a skyping session with Mr Campbell, we learnt so much from him he even told us how old he is. He's been diving for 50 years and he has a humongous megalodon tooth and an old diving helmet.

We learnt that the camera weighs 50lbs above water but is quite light under water.

Once he ran out of air when he was filming inside a sunken Japanese submarine, but he couldn't swim straight to the surface because you have to be careful of water pressure. So we're trying to find out more about 'the bends'.

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  1. Hello Room1,
    What I learnt today was very interesting. I never new that if your swim to the surface in a straight line, you might die becasue of nitrogen. Very interesting. I am going to research more about this.

    Henderson North School ;D