Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Ammy and Hser Beh did these portraits of each other, they were inspired by Picasso.

Location:Norval Road,Henderson,New Zealand


  1. wow these are very interesting paintings, they sort of look like deformed faces I actually think that, that is what the actually are. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!! I wish I could do that at this school, but our school does some things like that sometimes. but we do a lot of stuff from Vincent Van Gogh we really are inspired by him in our school especially his dot painting we did them in year 4, but that was 2 years ago. Anyway it was nice talking to you, come to my blog. www.6smaccemelyn2.blogspot.com Have a nice day!

  2. Hey Room 1,
    I'm blown away by your awesome art skills! Ammy and Hser Beh are future artists. You two are very creative!! Keep up the great work.

  3. Those paintings are so artistic and super cool! Very cool!! Keep it up, guys. I can see that talent shone through.

    Henderson North School

  4. They are soooooooo cool paintings I think Ammy and Hser beh are going to be famous for art
    What was your fave part of doing the art?


  5. Hi everyone,
    They are awesome!
    You both are amazing artists and for all we know we could have 2 future artists on our hands.
    Keep up the great work everyone!
    Also have a look at my blog if you have time!
    From Natasha

  6. HI Im Crystal from Mount Annan Christian College.
    I love your paintings they are very abstract and cool
    Im not very good at painting, but I like doing abstract, it very creative and fun to do.
    Please come and look at my blog @ 6smacccrystal.blogspot.com
    From Crystalxxx

  7. Hey Dhiren,Justin and Arnav from Room 3 here
    I thought that you must be interested in this kind of art to create your own.
    By the way what/who is Picasso?
    I learnt you guys great at creative art.
    Yours Sincerely Dhiren,Justin and Arnav

  8. Hello my name is Brendon from macc wow that's amazing art you got their I wish I could be a good drawer like you because I draw really boring pictures.
    go on my blog to see my pictures

  9. Sorry guys this is the last time I will be commenting on your blog until next year! Our school is going on a summer holiday and it will be six weeks. I loved quad blogging with you guys!

  10. Hi
    Our class has really enjoyed Quad blogging with you. We will be on holidays so you wont hear from most of us. Have a good holiday!

  11. Hello everyone! Nice to see you all again! I have to say, this post is really good. I enjoyed looking at the pictures, and they were really a treat to the eye.

    I have never heard of pictures that look like this, but if they were made by Picasso then they must be look. Yours are probably better though.

    I am not very good at drawing and painting, but I really enjoy doing it. I think that it is really fun. In fact, you will see a lot of pictures in my blog post!

    What is your favorite things about these pictures?

    If you want to check out my blog, click on the link below!