Thursday, 21 November 2013

Rugby World Cup

At the Rugby League World Cup, the Kiwi's haven't lost any games yet. Sonny Bill William is playing for the Kiwi's too. I am going for the Kiwi's. I hope they win the Rugby League World Cup !!!!! Benji Marshall plays for the Kiwi's as well. My favourite players are Sonny Bill William and Benji Marshall.

By Francis


  1. I hope the kiwi's don't lose I hope they win. Its cool that you like league.
    by adam room 3 HNS

  2. Hello, my name is Julien. I don't go for that team, I go for Australia but usually I don't even watch it. I sit down pretend to watch it but play on the ipad.
    From Julien

  3. Hey,
    My name is Harvey. I am from MACC.
    I live in Australia but I go for the kiwis we got good players but Australia have a lot of great players. Hope we win like in 2011.
    from Harvey
    And go the kiwis

  4. Hey just letting you know we have Christmas holidays now and we wont be on for 6 weeks but we will be putting some interesting pictures on our blog so check it out

  5. This is a great blog post Francis! I really enjoyed reading this blog, and I am looking forward to the future blog post you are going to make.

    I have never heard of the Rugby World Cup, but it sounds like it would be a very fun thing to watch. On my free time, I might look it up.

    I am not a part of a sports team, but their are some sports I like to play for fun. I like to play football, and basketball.

    What is your favorite sport?